Louis has been acting since he was eight years old. He was born in Lewisham. His father was a ballet dancer and also a director at Dublin’s Abbey Theatre. Louis trained at the Royal Shakespeare Company for a year. His later stage experience included the West End production of Gone With the Wind and the many roles he has played on television range from Martin Downes in Coronation Street to Josef Strauss in the highly acclaimed series Strauss Family. Film work has included QB VII and Are You Being Served?

"I was still a child - 12 years old - when i fell in love for the first time," Louis recalls. "The lady I fell for was Dianna Rigg. She was playing in 'Twelfth Night', and I had a little part in it two."

He remembers another childhood part very will – the young King Louis XIV in ‘The Three Musketeers’, which he played when he was 13 years old. “I had to ride a horse, and couldn’t. They all kept saying things like, ‘When you fall off, do so-and-so – which made me more determined not to fall off. And I didn’t. But, afterwards, I could hardly walk for a week.”

Louis had more animal trouble in his film ‘QB VII’ in which he plays a Bedouin Arab.
            “Anthony Hopkins and I had to learn to ride camels. Mine was a bit stroppy, and Anthony’s wouldn’t budge at all.”  

When Louis played Mick Jagger in 'Let The Good Stones Roll' he had been besieged by girl fans at the stage door after his performance. "All very nice girls, really, aged about 18," he said.