Louis Selwyn Productions    

Louis is a Producer on the forthcoming feature film, 'The Haunting of Harry Payne', released Spring/Summer 2013. Louis is currently in the development stages on productions entitled Parallel Lines and Samaria scheduled for pre-production in 2014.

Blithe Spirit is the fifth production, following their successful tours of Alan Ayckbourn's The Norman Conquests and their previous Coward production, Private Lives. They are a new theatre company interested in bringing new life to classic works of theatre. Louis Selwyn is trying to bring regional theatre back into its own field, with a diverse selection of well-known plays, refreshing tired old traditions - whilst guaranteeing an entertaining night out for everyone. The company is based in Norwich & Bungay's Fisher Theatre, and is very proud to have the opportunity to contribute to East Anglia's rich and flourishing base for arts and culture.