The BBC television series The Borgias is likely to become one of the most widely discussed and controversial dramatisations of this decade. Daily Mail
"I thought it was very interesting indeed and you were rather marvellous in it" - Caught Looking Simon Callow

...many congratulations to you on giving what I thought to be a brilliant stage performance. Your portrayal of Mick Jagger was really marvelous, but your own performance in my opinion has tremendous star quality...

Larry Parnes - Laurence Parnes Organization LTD
Thank you for playing Arthur Disaster for me, it was brilliant. John Rowe - BSkyB - Head of production
The lips pout, the hips swivel...but it's Louis Selwyn in the spotlight, not Jagger Daily Mail
Thanks for your Darrell Hays in the 'Don't Look Down' production. Exactly what I wanted. Morton Surguy - BBC TV - Director
..he is a most adept impressionist. I had a private performance of Quentin Crisp meeting John Wayne. Selwyn explained: "I like putting people in unusual situations." Evening Standard

“…to express my very sincere appreciation for your brilliant performance – it was quite incredible.”

John Street

Louis was wonderfully creative in rehearsal, gauging what would work and constructing bits of business to tell the story more effectively. We were on a typically shoestring budget for a short. We shot Louis’ scenes late on the final evening with weary crew. The professionalism of the acting allowed us to catch the scenes in minimum takes, to everyone’s satisfaction. Sufficient indeed to draw a spontaneous round of applause.

Jerry Self - Match Report - Director
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